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1. Solve problems in the first place
Factory managers must be a fast response, your work and your boss and subordinate problems should be found and timely find out the reason, treatment immediately, give people the answer is always “yes” or “no”, fast reaction we can walk in front of others, as in the enterprise management, especially the production-oriented enterprises, product quality is great, even a seemingly small problem, improper handling can cause serious trouble, influence their lost credibility, prompt reply and solve problems of products.

2. There are urgent solutions to conflicts
When conflicts occur, as a manager, we must first deal with external conflicts, that is, first to ensure customer satisfaction, and then to deal with internal conflicts, prioritize, must reduce the ideological burden and psychological pressure of their subordinates, let them play light.

3. Guide to get the plan
When a subordinate raises a question, he/she should first come up with at least three schemes and repeatedly demonstrate which one is more suitable. Finally, the manager should guide and put forward his/her own Suggestions, so that the subordinate can improve faster.4. Take things at a bigger level
Why can we be a manager of a machinery factory?It is because we know more than our subordinates, have a strong understanding and can think about problems comprehensively. We can consider problems from the perspective of the factory and grasp the direction. For example, how can you teach your subordinates about mechanical technology?

Make decisive decisions and deal with problems properly

Growth through innovation:

Take the market as the leading, take the customer as the center, take the employee as the main body, handles the matter quickly and steadily, the company, the employee, the customer are satisfied;One action is more important than a bunch of useless projects.

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