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    Are you full of morale, eager to devote yourself to a new job and start a new life, realize your ideals, satisfy your self-worth, and join the family of new discoveriy. We can provide our employees with learning opportunities, help them to realize their personal potential and create better for you Platform. With a highly skilled professional team and advanced CNC machining equipment, New Discovery is an advanced entity manufacturing enterprise integrating design, research and development, and manufacturing.

    Zhejiang New Discover Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. went to Wuhan, Xi’an, and Lanzhou to participate in offline recruitment activities this time. We hope that more outstanding talents will become one of us, continue to add bricks, and make progress with everyone.

Wuhan campus recruitment

Offline talents are abundant, and what we have harvested is not only a thick resume, but also a piece of hope for the future. We recruit IE, mechanical engineer, electronic engineer, translator and other positions at the job fair!

Xi’an Campus Recruitment

Figure |Offline recruitment of Xi’an University of Technology

Join the Discover Machinery family, we create the future together!

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